Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

15 March 2024, 8:00pm

Bantu, the new creation of choreographer Victor Hugo Pontes, brings together Portuguese and Mozambican performers. The project was commissioned by Estúdios Victor Córdon and the Portuguese Cultural Centre in Maputo, which have partnered to create a programme aimed at promoting the internationalisation of dance, by building bridges between Portugal and Mozambique. “Bantu” has several meanings: it is the name of a family of languages spoken in sub-Saharan Africa, but it can also mean a native language that has survived the imposition of European languages, an identity mechanism, a sign that has managed to remain intact. The language we speak provides us with a viewpoint to look at the world. From different geographies, be it a country or a stage, we get different perspectives; we do not speak the same language. In Bantu, Victor Hugo Pontes explores a reverse path, a path leading to the universal language of dance. The show defines a meeting-point for two continents and two countries that share a number of affinities and memories.

On March 15th and 16th, come and watch at 8pm at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

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