SHOW "Pedra Doce - Poética de Cora Coralina"


Teatro José Lúcio da Silva

23 March 2024, 9:30pm

Pedra Doce – Poética de Cora Coralina is the new show of the Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niterói that speaks of the simplicity in Cora Coralina’s poetry and life. Artistic director Fran Mello conceived the show seeking to relate Cora’s writing, her impulses and needs to write, to the dancers’ bodies when reading (or listening to) her poems. The entire choreography was created by the dancers themselves. Influenced by Cora’s poems.


The name ‘Pedra Doce‘ refers to the sugar used to glaze the fruits that, after days of drying in the sun, turn into delicious stones. In the audience, the aroma of coconut candy made on stage will be contagious. The dramaturgy of the show was conducted by choreographer Ana Vitória Freire with the intention of replicating Cora’s simple life, but always recognizing her potential as a woman ahead of her time.


Artistic direction and conception: Fran Mello

Dramaturgy: Ana Vitória Freire

Choreographic Creation: The cast

Rehearser: Fabiana Nunes

Rehearsal Assistant: Fabrícia Ribeiro

Lighting: Paulo Cesar Medeiros

Costumes: Fran Mello

Set design: Jorge Roriz

Set Assistant: Wescley Menezes Lima

Photography: Luiz Kerche and Nadia Mathias

Performers: Alex Sena, Bruna Lopes, Carol Martins, Diego Cruz,Gilson Paixão, Jayme Tribuzy, Jeanete Guenka, João Corrêa, Lara Benevides, Luiz Menezes, Mariana Mesquita, Mirna Nijs and Robson Schmoeller

Production: Prefeitura de Niterói and Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niterói

Co-production: Neltur e Associação de Amigos e Colaboradores da Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niterói


A show integrated in the scope of RHI – Revolution, Hope, Imagination

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