Mach1ne Learn1ng



MACH1NE LEARN1NG's music feeds on uncertainty.

They seek no answer to the questions they raise about love, about loneliness, about hopes and dreams.

Their music revolves around unquenchable dichotomies.

In a not-so-distant future, all machines will be able to learn. Utopia or dystopia?

Somewhere between hotels in Singapore and a home office in Oporto, their creative process travelled thousands of miles to meet its core unit in MACH1NE LEARN1NG. Distance or introspection?

Confined spaces saw this music come to life and now it wants to be spread over the world so that it can nest in our minds and maybe, just maybe, seed a speck of sentience... Cynicism or sentimentality?

João Pärtel Araújo and Samuel Traquina host this aimless journey that offers an observation about what it means to be human in a world of machines, many of which are made out of flesh and bone.

MACH1NE LEARN1NG is the soundtrack to the world we live in... Digital or analog?

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