Joel Vieira De Souza

Artist designer/Cultural manager


Joel Vieira, Designer, visual artist, playwright, curator of the Janete Costa Museum of Popular Art – Niterói – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Cultural Superintendent and Director of Citizenship, Territory and Cultural Diversity at the Art Foundation of the Municipality of Niterói – RJ – BR, was Secretary of Economic Development Science and Technology, Worked for 15 years as a draftsman and engraver at Thomas De La Rue, the English Company Specializing in security prints, Specialist in designs for valuable prints, specialist in inclusive art, served as director, author of inclusive theater plays with people with disabilities, such as autism, blind people and people with low vision and atypical mothers composer of sambas plot for samba schools, at the Rio de Janeiro carnival, Graphic Artist and Graphic Producer/Editor/entrepreneur.
During his more than 40-year career, Joel Vieira carried out highly relevant work in promoting citizenship and promoting accessibility using art in its various languages. Such as the creation of the First Cultural Accessibility Forum Niterói/Rio De Janeiro BR.
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