The Arte Institute and RHI Intiative have the pleasure to present the show 'Lucid Dream #3', by Carlotta Premazzi. This performence is part of the III Edition of the FACTT Show - Festival Art & Science, that will take place at Pavilhão 31 in Hospital Júlio de Matos, Lisbon.

Space P31 at Hospital Júlio de Matos
Av. do Brasil 53, Lisboa, Portugal
October 31, 2019 - 6.00 PM (GMT +1)

About the show:

Lucid Dream#3 is an Interactive AV installations/Performance using a EEG sensor as input and who try to analyze what happens when the brain enters a meditative and creative state and shows through video and sound this process of transformation, the brain waves of the performer are the values that determine and generate video and sound in real time.

The intention is to open the work of art to the most ancestral side of the artistic experience, involving our deepest perception coming from listening to the body and create an engaging environment and convey the spectator in an emotional and empathic interior dimension towards the artist-performer.

The performance will reveal the invisible to the eye, such as emotions, thoughts, and internal or external inputs that may arise. As in a cycle, visuals and sound are born from the biological signals of the performer and come back into the software as synesthetic stimuli, in an infinite dialogue of biological, digital, artificial interaction, internal and external environment.

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