The Arte Institute and RHI Initiative are pleased to present "The Cousin Basílio" ballet show at Alvin Ailey, on 10 March, 2020.

One of the most remarkable works by writer Eça de Queirós, now embellished with dance, and supported by music of Portuguese composers.

With a narrative based ballet, we celebrate this masterpiece that is full of passion and intrigue, from one of the most renowned figures of Portuguese literature of the 19th century. In O Primo Basílio (The Cousin Basilio) – ballet in 2 acts, we offer the stage the plot of a namesake romance that was originally published in 1878, creating a unique dance experience.


A portrait of a family of idleness which reveals another portrait: that of a society that is self degrading in all its moral and habits. Taking place in Lisbon, this work tells the story of a couple -Luísa and Jorge - who live a peaceful existence. Action starts when Jorge has to travel to Alentejo, for professional reasons. While her husband is away, Luísa is unexpectedly surprised by the visit of Basílio, her cousin and childhood friend, with whom she exchanged romantic letters in the past. Seduced by him, she finally commits adultery. 

But Luísa had a governess, Juliana, spiteful and stingy, who discovered the two lovers’ affair by finding one of their love letters. Blackmailing her lady, she makes her serve, as if she was, herself, the lady of the house. 

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Production ||
| Dança em Diálogos | Arte Institute 

Co-production ||
| Município de Braga | Cine-teatro Avenida | Município de Castelo Branco

Support |
| República Portuguesa/Cultura-DGArtes | Fundação Eça de Queiroz | Visit Portugal

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